In this episode, Dan and Albert break down news of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey stepping down and what's next for Twitter. Twitter is a social media company founded 15 years ago. It's best known for news-breaking tweets from politicians and celebrities, but it also provides a platform for millions of users to publish their thoughts, interact, share content, and read breaking news. The platform itself is free to use for individuals and businesses alike. Once a user has created an account, they can post messages ("tweets") of up to 280 characters and up to 2,400 times per day, which are automatically distributed to followers in a feed that is constantly refreshed.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is Twitter (2:48)
  • How Twitter generates revenue (9:28)
  • Twitter's strategy to 2023 (19:25)
  • Twitter's CEO change (29:28)
  • Twitter's future growth (35:09)

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